About Us

Established in 2020, AKSUM VPK contributes over 2 decades of collective experience delivering high-quality, dependable and premium armored vehicles, whilst complying with (conforming to) the most demanding international standards. As a company we are committed to making the world a safer place by combining world-class engineering with superior materials and unparalleled expertise to provide with safe and luxurious vehicles internationally.

The company has risen to become a world-wide leader in catering versatile and rugged whilst luxurious armored vehicles to militaries, embassies, consulates, NGOs, UN departments, security companies and VIP clients internationally. Our tailor-made modular designs enable effortless integration of various technological operational and weapon systems for end-users’ unmatched secure experience in the most demanding and dangerous environments, allowing safe transportation in conflict-prone and life-threatening situations.

Our Commitment

AKSUM VPK shoulders responsibility to ensure security and protection for end-users. With years of experience in the industry, and with our enthusiasm, work ethics and paramount know-how, we are dedicated to delivering peerless solutions.

Safe Journey is the Only Journey!

Our Mission

To transform alarming present into secure future by introducing best practices in technological innovation within defence industry. We enable protection.


AKSUM VPK has ensured that our enhanced on-site capabilities facilitate delivering the most innovative solutions to our clients at no time. Our well-equipped facilities located in Uzbekistan guarantee timely delivery of bespoke armored goods, fully customized to meet constantly evolving clients’ requirements.

AKSUM VPK furnishes a modern production site able to manufacture to a high quality and in large volumes. Our 300.000 sq ft production facility offers the capacity to supply every component at each stage of the assembly process. The facility includes:

  • Main assembly and sub-assembly welding shops
  • Dedicated laser-cutting and bending bays
  • Paint shop
  • Logistics office
  • Sales Management Office

All of our vehicles undergo intricate testing when the Quality Control milestone before they are dispatched.

Research & Development

AKSUM VPK invests in military engineers with unquestionable and paramount expertise to fashion and deliver integrated design solutions with a focus on quality, safety, security, cost-effectiveness and comfort. We incorporate the feedback provided by clients to improve and mature our designs of modern armored vehicles. Our R&D team works around the clock to ensure AKSUM VPK vast line of armored vehicles is employ around the world regardless of provided climate conditions. They focus on precision, personalization and incredible attention to detail.


One-Stop Shop

AKSUM VPK provides comprehensive logistics assistance:

  • Acquiring a required vehicle from local/international dealerships
  • Design
  • Production
  • Full support with logistics requirements
  • After- sales service and maintenance offers